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Course Information

Personal Description:

I am Danqin. You can also call me “Lao Xu”, a nick name of a famous Chinese film star and female director, Xujinglei, because we have the same family name. I am a full-time Chinese language teacher and have been teaching for almost 10 years in a public school in Jiaxing, which is close to Shanghai. "Life is the Language," I really like this sentence. No matter how subtle and profound people think of "Chinese", Chinese is the life, the people in life, the emotions in life, everything in life. This sentence gave me the basic direction of Chinese teaching: language to return to life. Therefore, my Chinese class is a "real" class of life. I try to use the language to let students learn to experience the truth of life. I also encourage students to talk about or to write down their feelings about life. During my class, you will get: error correction, vocabulary, grammar and function instruction, tips on how to sound more like a native speaker, the confidence in Chinese learning and a relaxed and stress-free environment to perfect your Chinese skills. I like reading books, watching movies and travelling. I am a quiet, sunny and responsible person. I put all of my energy and enthusiasm into teaching my students. I will try my best to help you! See you @ Foremiliar!

Conversational Practice Courses are designed for people who wish to build their Chinese communication skills for everyday situations and to enrich their vocabulary and speak Chinese fluently. This is a series of Chinese courses run by different tutors online at intermediate (B1) level and the levels above. Students in these courses should already have basic Chinese knowledge. What they need is more practice and error correction. In these courses students should initiate the talk and tutors play the role as their practice partners who are ready to support and help and will correct them if they make mistakes. Students will activate their theoretical Chinese knowledge and start using it in practice. This online course “Talk to Lao Xu @ Jiaxing · China” is run by Tutor Danqin XU who is now living in Jiaxing, China.

Teaching Language:  Chinese & English

Who are suitable to apply:
(1) People who already have basic knowledge of Chinese language.
(2) People who want to improve their Chinese speaking skills much more than other skills.
(3) People who are not confident to speak Chinese with others.
(4) People who do not have any access to practicing oral Chinese offline.
(5) People who are capable to use social apps like QQ/Wechat/Skype on computers and cell phones.

Course Objectives:
(1) Learn to express yourself freely, quickly and in the correct manner.
(2) Expand and develop your vocabulary in an easier way.
(3) Begin to easily understand what others are saying.
(4) Have an easier and more enjoyable learning and practicing time.
(5) Save time and freely learn from and practice with native speakers all over the world.
(6) Appear as a more confident and interesting person with better conversational skills.

Course Materials:
Students in this course will learn by practice. We will not use any course books. We will ask students to initiate the dialogue and we will help if they seize up or will stop and correct them if they make mistakes. Students will receive correction by the teacher in a supportive, fun and engaging environment as if they are talking with their friends. Students can talk anything they are interested in. Usually a dialogue is opened with students’ daily activities. They may describe a terrible traffic jam, a new year’s party, an impressive dinner, or complain the room service, the smoking neighbor, or the delayed aircraft, or say something about the plan to visit girl friends’ family, to prepare for an international conference or to learn cooking, etc. We will also provide a variety of topics to help them practice if they are lack of content. Example topics and learning may include the following:


Course Type:
This is one-on-one online course using the commonly used social apps like QQ/Wechat/Skype. Please download at least one of the apps and register before the course starts.

Course Time:
Every Monday to Friday between 15:00 and 22:00, Beijing time. 
Every Saturday and Sunday between 09:00 and 22:00, Beijing time.

Please check available times with me before you apply this course online. 

Course Venue:  Online. You can learn by practice at any time any place that comforts you. 

Course Price:
Unit Price: 80 RMB per hour (Minimum Units) for an Individual Class.
Minimum Units: 20 hours. 1 hour a time and 4 times a week is highly recommended.
Students can apply for Additional Units at a special discount.
Total Price for the whole course should be: Unit Price * Unit * Discount Rate.

Trial Class:
Scan the following QR code to have a 30-minutes trial class.  


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