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Personal Description

Hello, I'm Carly Huang, a native Chinese speaker from Zhejiang Province, but I live in South East Asia and Hong Kong for the past 10 years. I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and a little German. I graduated from Zhejiang University, majoring in Business English at Bachelor’s degree and Applied Linguistics at Master’s degree. I worked in Huawei Telecommunication Malaysian and Indonesian subsidiaries for many years and then moved to Hong Kong for my own business. Now, I'm working as a professional and certified Chinese teacher. I have extensive tutoring experiences both online and in person, during which, I have taught Chinese learners of all ages and abilities.

I am energetic, humorous, warm and cheerful. I love travelling and I have a wide knowledge of history, philosophy and business. That means we will have a lot of topics to cover on during our class. I am good at teaching and my classes are well-organized and student-orientated, as well as educative and dynamic. I am committed to helping foreigners to establish self-confidence in speaking Chinese. So book a class with me and start improving your Chinese now! 

▲ Teaching Style ▲

Learning Chinese could be an easy thing if you start properly with a professional and certified teacher and learn from that teacher for a certain time. I do not recommend changing teachers frequently, because it takes time to adjust to the teacher’s style and system. My teaching style is relaxing and encouraging and I always design my classes to meet your language goals (of which we can briefly discuss during your first class). If you want to practice your speaking more, we'll do more speaking activities, or, if you need to improve your grammar, reading, writing, whatever it is, we can work on it together. And if you don't know which areas you need to improve, I will choose the most appropriate activities based on your level. Click this video to see how I work with my students.

▲ Teaching Resources ▲

And if you want to build a skyscraper of your Chinese language, you have to make a solid foundation of it by learning the language systematically. That is to say, if you are a very beginner, you have to start from the very beginning, Pinyin, and you’d better use a book. 

I have the e-versions of some of the most popular textbooks of Chinese language with different levels of proficiency, such as HSK Standard Course, Boya Chinese, Developing Chinese, New Practical Chinese Reader for integrated courses, and Short-term Spoken Chinese for speaking Chinese courses and Chinese for Economics and Trade andBusiness Chinese for business Chinese courses, respectively.  If you want to use your own books other than those mentioned above, please make sure to send me the PDF of that book before class.  

Besides, I also use a variety of other teaching resources, all of which are available for us to use electronically. These include, worksheets, exercise books, power-point presentations, listening activities, speaking activities and language games, videos, flashcards and much more.

▲ I Can Help You With▲

- exam preparation (HSK all levels)
- interview preparation
- business negotiation
- pronunciation and accent reduction
- expanding your vocabulary
- perfecting your grammar
- improving your fluency and confidence when speaking
- improving your listening, speaking and writing skills
- improving your Chinese calligraphy writing skills
- and much, much more.

▲ Students' Comments ▲

▲ Prices for Both Individual and Group Courses▲

(Prices are subject to change without prior notice.)

▲ My Contacts ▲

You could find me through the following contacts: 

Email:            1940639618@qq.com

Skype:           1940639618@qq.com

Facebook:     1940639618@qq.com

Q Q:               1940639618

Wechat:         1940639618

What's app:   +852 5988 7911

Youtube:         https://youtu.be/HcdJenNMWtk

Or please scan this code to follow me on wechat:

Thank you for your attention and hope I could see you soon.   Thanks!

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